Sunday, April 28, 2013

1 Year Already

It has now been 1 year since our Sheridan graduation and a new flock of 4th years is entering the industry.Time flies by.
First off, congratulations year 2013 and welcome to the industry. You have completed your years at Sheridan and are beginning your life as professional animators. The journey will be rough, for some of you more than the others, but as you continue on this journey, do not lose your spirit and motivation to create. Whether it be animation, sculpting, modeling or just drawing, do not stop producing art. The more you do it the better and faster you'll become and more you will learn. When you are looking for work do not be frustrated. Summer time might be the worst time to hunt for jobs, since there are less productions going on at that time and studios are swarmed with eager interns. Autumn through winter is when there are most job postings, but don't do nothing until then. Keep on creating art and find what you want to do. And if you do get a job, whether it be a studio job or a freelance, continue doing your own work. It will be harder, but if you don't continue to draw for yourself you will easily lose motivation for the medium.
Do not be afraid of freelance jobs, but be very careful around them and take time to get all the information you need and proper contract before agreeing to anything. Same with studio jobs; get all the information first and think if you are satisfied with the job position and the contract.
Those are my two cents for you graduates. Best of luck!
All the best to the third years going into their internships and then their 4th year! Can't wait to see what you guys will produce. :)
As for my graduating year, I hope you are all doing well and that you are happy with whatever you are doing. Hopefully we will all have a giant reunion at one point and see one another one more time. :)

Seeing how this is now 1 year after the graduation adventure, I guess I will also make this last post related to my film. Amare will be screened May 4th at Norwich Film Festival as a One Minute Movie, and this will probably be the end of its festival journey.

That's about it. Moving on! :P

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