Thursday, November 1, 2012

Less Graphic Maki

So October is over now. Back to regular schedule.

To start off, here is an attempt at drawing Maki in a less graphic style.

Also a little update on my graduation film.
Next week is Hamilton Film Festival, and Amare (as well as two other Sheridan grad films, Frog Light by Laurel Ann DalgleishFragile by Bijan Shahir and Güm by Noam Sussman) will be screened on Friday Nov 9th as part of the festival's Animated/Experimental/Music Shorts screening. For more info check out festival's site.

And I was happy to find out that today Amare was added to Everything Animated Channel on vimeo as well as other two channels. Thank you so much for your support guys! :)


Shen Ramu said...

nice! cute touch with the necklace too

KAT said...

Thank you Shen! :)

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