Friday, August 10, 2012


When you already have a set style and colour scheme for a character it is so much easier. This one felt like a breeze doing in contrast to Finnel one. Well, I lie a bit. The background colour was driving me nuts and I'm still not happy with it. But I'm gonna move on to other characters for now. 6 more to go!

Also, since today's post is about Maki, I might as well have an update on my film.

Amare has a new soundtrack now that I think works much better than the old one. I have to thank Jason Teewuissen for helping me with sound editing and Freestock Music for allowing to use their music stock for free. :)

I am also happy to say that Amare will be an official selection for Toronto Urban Film Festival and Burlington Animation Festival. :)

If you take Toronto subways from September 7th-17th make sure to pay attention to the TTC tellies and maybe vote for my film on TUFF website! ;)
And if you are in Burlington region on September 29th maybe go and watch the selection of awesome films at Encore Cinemas! :)


Jean Liang said...

nice lady drawin'~

also that burlington animation sign looks like something Noam would have drawn LOL

KAT said...

That's cus he did. XD

Thanks Jean!

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