Monday, May 28, 2012

Toronto Youth Shorts Festival

Haven't posted here yet, my film will be screened at Toronto Youth Short Film Festival! :D

2012 Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival

Here is the link to the website:

and 2012 Filmmakers

I also got a review of my film. :)

Posted by Classic Flick Chick
Amare by Katarina Antonic

In this animated film without dialogue, a unique couple goes out together, only to be pulled apart by a steaming temptress. Little does that temptress know that the girl has a little sssssssomething special to keep her man . I think my favourite part is the kiss at the end of the film, it’s very cute touch and made me smile and laugh out loud. The animation in this is very rounded and the anatomy is altogether different. I really enjoyed this film stylistically as much as I enjoyed the story. And that’s saying something considering it involves a transformation into something I really do not enjoy in real life haha.


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