Monday, February 20, 2012


So I'm deciding to join Satelie Soda daily thing (with only one week left of Febuary, I know =_=)
as a mental break from film. Sooo, here's something that I wanted to colour in a while: Catwoman!
To make up for my latenes,, I'm gonna try and do more than one drawing a day.


Abe Taraky said...

ITS AS THOUGH CATWOMAN WAS MADE TO BE DRAWN BY YOU. No joke, really great work, I love it, its Bruce Timm on drugs.

KAT said...

Hahaha thanks Abe!
You know, I did watch Batman the Animated Series when I was little so maybe subconciously I want all of my female characters to be Catwomen. Or Jessica Rabbit. :P

Dean Heezen said...

Sick! :D

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