Monday, August 15, 2011

Fanart Week: Games

So I've started with a group of friends a Fanart Week, where each day we have to draw to a different theme. Today was games, and I drew Terra and Celes from Final Fantasy 6.
Originally I wanted to draw Terra ever since the Japanese Dissidia came out. However, then I've found her challenging so I never drew her. English Dissidia came, but I still didn't draw her. I played Final Fantasy 6 and I wanted to draw all of the characters but couldn't because I was in 3rd year of my program. Dissidia Duodecim came out and to my extreme disappointment they turned Terra into the shittiest character. :C Then i wasn't sure of drawing her anymore, but now I took this opportunity to finally do. Hey, at least I've done it before 3DS Final Fantasy 6 possibly comes out. I drew her with my favourite attack in Dissidia, Holy.
I'm not the biggest fan of Celes, but dam I love that outfit.
I wanted to colour both of them but with busy internship and lack of tablet I have to be satisfied with a sketch for now. :/


Jean Liang said...

I love the face and pose on Terra! awesome job!

KAT said...

:D Thanks! I love your Loco Roco!

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