Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Aw Summer

It flew by so fast. I never even managed to finish this idea that I have started.

There was this song by Katie Parry, which for some reason doesn't wanna upload on any video site. I got so hooked up that I wanted to animate to it. I created the leica, but I never managed to finish it due to internship and international guests. I did manage though to finalize the animation in the first scene, and I tried to colour it in Photoshop without outlines but that was not going as well as I have hoped. I definitely want to finish this; maybe I'll work on it sometimes in the studio if action analysis is too much. XD
It's been a month and I still haven't animated! :C

The guy, OH GOD THE GUY. That is not the final design, for it's too gaaaah. Here's the finalized design of the guy.

Also, CTP is so much better than Flipbook, I wish we could use that program instead.

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