Friday, July 16, 2010

June Feels so far...

It was definitely the busiest month, July feels like a breeze comparing to it.
After returning from my trip I started working at Chuck Gammage Studio where I mainly do clean-up and in-betweening for a personal project of Chuck's called Tennessee Birds. It's really fun and enjoyable, something I never expected clean-up to be. Here is a sample of a frame, original drawing by Chuck, clean-up by me.

There was one week where I worked on a project for Sheridan Business Campus in Mississauga. We decorated one part of the construction zone and let people join in. We even got Major Hazel to sign it, and afterward got a picture with her.

Last but not least, one Saturday my friend asked me if I could help a fouth year with finishing her film. It was a flash puppet animation and note, I haven't touched Flash in two years and I was already helping another graduate with colouring. But I did help and animated these two scenes. If anything I wanna touch up scene 1.

There were some doodles that I have done in June but I might post them later.

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