Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No scanner *sniffles*

I got no scanner and no apropriate computer, since my computer is dead, and on every other computer I try I apparently get a virus, therefore I'm using smallest one just in case. I still can't use scanner cause dad returned it to me without the usb plug so every picture had to be photographed, and the most useful thing on the laptop is Picture Manager.

Away from ranting! My mom wanted me to paint for her so here are the most successful projects.

Once I get to Photoshop I wanna post the whole process. Right now, it's all separate pictures.
What I've also learned is the difference between painting on small and big surface. Miniature paintings like these will look horrible on huge canvas (believe me, I've tried). This techique is more fun though on bigger surfaces, and wastes more paint. Here's one painting where I've used identical technique on canvas and was successful. A third year film "HogWild" was an inspiration.

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Amanda said...

Aaaaah cooool! Our film gave you some inspiration 8) awesome.
Like the colour-themed girls.

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