Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What a horrid week

I have finally finished my painting and character design. Still have mauryboarding and animation to . And here's my character project: Maki tries to make a bow but she fails and then rat comes and helps her. Originally this supposed to have 20 drawings (when even that was too much), but since my teacher to explore more of the variety of poses with rat the number has somehow doubled. I cursed at myself for the last few days for letting this happen because I was desperately trying to finish. Fortunately, I'm done, my hand is still hurting but is alive, and now I'm officially considered insane. =) The images keep on moving cause I've just placed them quickly on RAVE. Hope ya like it.


Jean Liang said...

that's awesome Kat!!!

love the mouse's actions!

KAT said...

Oh hi jean!
I'm surprised you can actually see it.

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